Who Are We

Til La Roche

Til started in the tourism industry, but early realized his future was going to be related to Nature.

His agricultural carrier started at the Canarian Institute of Agriculture in Tenerife – Canary Islands in a project about the production of organic fertilizers in the department of microbiology. His first composting experience!


He worked on a project for the future design of a bio-industry targeting the production of natural enemies to control different plant pests. Lots of lab work! 

Til is experienced in the production management of different tropical and subtropical & other fruits in organic farming: papaya, passion fruit, strawberry, custard apple, pineapple and others. 


He worked in jobs that has do with pest control in Canarian palm trees, public gardening maintenance, design and salesman of organic fertilizers.


Different courses on permaculture, ecological farming and specially the course to do with Agro-ecology food sovereignty, urban agriculture and cooperation for rural development showed me the way to the importance of soil microbiology.


“ I found the key to soil life and regeneration when I got to know the “Soil Food Web School” from Dr. Elaine Ingham. After finishing all the foundation courses, the Lab Tech course and doing the mastering of soil assessment with my mentor and now partner Renald Flores, this was the “cherry on the cake” that made it clear for me to go for soil regeneration. 

I am willing to help all farmers regenerate soils and have healthier and productive crops”

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