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Hadrien Levesque.png

Hadrien L, Farm Owner

Champagne - France

Since we started to collaborate, we have had to characterize the basis of our work, namely the microbiological state of the soils and inputs (compost and wastes from champagne production) of the farm thanks to the microscopic analysis of samples.

Secondly, we analyzed the biological potential of the compost teas produced on the farm. Several "recipes" have been tested and analyzed with variations in the amount of wood or vermicompost. We worked on the development of a "recipe" in order to produce a "balanced" compost which made it possible to finally increase the quantity of vermicompost.


Renald & Flor.Es.Sens System helped me design a new large-scale compost tea production tool in order to advance in the quest for visible and measurable results in the field.

The next stage of our collaboration will consist in following the evolution of the biological and microbiological state of the soils following the use of "compost teas".

The final objective of this work is to know if it is possible to reduce chemical inputs as much as possible while maintaining a high production potential.

W. Thoma.png

Wilfried T., Farm Owner


Renald & Flor.Es.Sens System provided the foundation about the soil food web and the basics of soil microbiology applied to Agriculture.


He helped me solving lots of issues: I had troubles making good compost tea, issues using the microscope right, soil microbiological self assessment, and establishing a well working system for my agriculture system.


We worked together on bettering our composting process using while using windrows turner, enabling the production of “Microbiologically Loaded” quality compost. We could then produce useful and quality compost tea and extracts needed for our transition process.


Also we planned and designed our compost tea brewing machines.


We could enjoy skills transfer on soil & compost sampling for microscopy basics auto assessment analysis using Flor.Es.Sens methodology & spreadsheets.


It was good & nice working together, Renald and Flor.Es.Sens System has good knowledge about the soil food web and high capacity to include into our operations.

Andris S.png

Andris S., Agronomist - Latvia

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