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Transition To Regenerative Agriculture


"For a few centuries now, modern agriculture has created its own curse.

Ploughing too often, too deep, triggering unconscious toxic chemical products use, destroying the very essence of soil fertility & natural crop protection:

Soil Microbiology.

As a consequence, today's human food systems suffer: no more natural crop protection, reduced yields, lower crop nutrient values, underground water pollution, and even worst on ecosystem services such as carbon soil sequestration .


Our soils are depleted from their natural features.

GOOD NEWS IS WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO REGENERATE THEM, FOR ANY AGRICULTURE SYSTEMS: crops, trees, flowers, grazing. Soil Microbiology science applied at field.

We have been around the world, hunting for Best practices using Soil Microbiology science, Regenerative agriculture systems, Regenerative Grazing, Agro-ecology Design, Self sufficiency, Soil Regenerations conversions examples, and Human Communities Holistic Decision Making. We have learned, trained and practiced with the Bests.

From all the previous, we are offering operational solutions in order to transition from chemical to organic agriculture, at any scale:

  • Soils ecosystem regeneration: structural & microbiology,

  • Soil Microbiological analysis & remediation,

  • Complete Soil Amendment / Compost making / Compost teas: skill transfer & operational set up,

  • Plant nutrient care,

  • Carbon Markets inclusive,

  • Design of regenerative agriculture systems: grazing, crops, cover crops,

  • Design, execution & management for Transition project toward 100% Organic & Soil regeneration programs."

Soil Microbiology agriculture management.

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