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mushroom Farming

In partnership with Reino Fungi

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...BUT gourmet and medicinal .

...orientated by our ancestral culture and natural medicine.

...diversifying foods & diets.

Our Story

We are located in the sacred valley of the Incas in the village of Arin, and working in these sacred lands since 2012. WE pioneered the way toward cultivation and commercial business of edible and medicinal mushrooms in the state of Cusco.

We are experts in structuring and setting up Fungi farming operations for commercial purposes.

We also provide Fungi growing consultancies, and in teaching workshops for any kind of communities, for gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for wellbeing and overall immune system support


  • Design and planning FOR mushroom farmING.

  • Design and planning of mycology laboratory.

  • Training of laboratory and farming personnel.

  • substrate optimisATION for chosen mushroom strains.

  • Pest control FUNGI CULTURE for farming.

  • Advanced training for medicinal mushroom production.

Our Team

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